Pet Insurance Quotes CASE STUDY

ABOUT Pet Insurance Quotes

Since starting in 2011, Pet Insurance Quotes has been on a mission to ensure that America’s dogs and cats get the best veterinary treatment possible while protecting their owners from receiving large vet bills when their pets get sick or injured. They have become America’s #1 pet insurance marketplace by representing all the leading pet insurance companies and are fully licensed in all 50 states. There is no other pet insurance website or service that even comes close!

What They Needed To Solve


Pet Insurance Quotes wanted to overcome established players and become America’s #1 marketplace for pet insurance. (They knew that it would not be easy.)

Marketing would be critical to overcoming established players and every dollar spent on technology is one less dollar spent on marketing.
Integrations are the most difficult types of software projects due to varying levels of capabilities at each carrier.
Risk of poorly executed technology projects burning cash and valuable time..
Loss of institutional knowledge associated with technology due to internal developer or third party turnover.
Ability to allow pet owners to easily get quotes, compare policies, and enroll with the best pet insurers.
Rapid speed-to-market to gain validation.
Reduced investment required for technology.
A robust platform that would be scalable with business growth.
Technology partner that understood the complexities launching and growing startups, could recommend pragmatic decisions related to technology, and be aligned with their growth strategy.

What QStart Labs Provided


QStart Labs provided Pet Insurance Quotes with a team of entrepreneurs, nerds, and designers, that leveraged our experience launching and growing over 50 startups.

Pragmatic approach to development, guaranteed speed of delivery, and 100% ownership of code generated.
Provided an online marketplace that allows pet owners the ability to get instant quotes, compare rates, and enroll with the best pet insurers in the industry.
Multiple complex integrations to insurance carriers of varying capabilities while ensuring the experience is the same for the pet owner.
Reduced the capital required to build technology through QStart Labs’ innovative “pay for performance” business model.
QStart Labs Case Study

The Results Are In

The Results Were Better Than The Cats Meow!

  • 1,000,000+

    Helped Over 1 million Pet Parents Shop and Compare Pet Insurance

  • 8 figure exit!

    Exited to PETCO in 2017 for undisclosed $8 figure amount.

  • 80%

    Founder was able to retain 80% equity at time of exit.

  • What Pet Insurance Quotes Has To Say About Our Partnership

    "“We wanted to create a more efficient way for pet owners to shop for pet health insurance. QStart played an integral role in building the technology that allows dog and cat owners to get custom pet insurance quotes in real-time. No other website has this capability because integrating one system with several different companies is an extremely complex and time consuming endeavor.” “QStart has the people and resources available to make complex system integration possible. They’ve been a great partner for us and a truly fun group to work with.”"

    - Nick Braun, Founder, Pet Insurance Quotes

    QStart Labs - Pet Insurance Quotes