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The Long Road To Succes

Our Journey

Since its inception in 2008, QStart Labs has transformed from NCT Ventures' tech team in Columbus, Ohio, into a trailblazer in startup innovation, especially in intelligent expert systems.

Our strategic support has significantly enhanced success rates and reduced technological costs for startup companies, allowing them to concentrate on growth.  in 2016 we bought out NCT Ventures and becoming fully independent.  We continued to prioritize our team's ownership in startup successes as we move forward we continue to focus on empowering startups by leveraging AI,targeting both foundational growth for startups and attractive returns for investors.

Our Purpose Drives Us

Our Mission and Vision

We're on a mission to forge a seamless bridge between technology and business. Our vision is providing an environment where startup founders are supported by a team that goes beyond "just the tech".

We believe in a partnership that's fully in tune with your objectives, akin to, or even surpassing, the dedication of a co-founder. Why? Because our success is intricately tied to yours. We're committed to providing founder-friendly options and insightful guidance, being your steadfast ally, and elevating your startup on its path to success

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We Get Results!

We've transformed startups into success stories. Explore our impressive track record, where ambition meets achievement. Need evidence? We've got plenty!

    QStart Labs - iRecon
    "QStart never fails to go above and beyond their contractual duties!"

    Mike Boyd, Founder

    QStart Labs - Per Diem Plus
    "Start's solid reputation is based on their experience, expertise and integrity."

    Mark Sullivan, Tax Consultant

    QStart Labs - Workplace Local
    "True Problem Solving Team!"

    Timmy McCarthy, President

    QStart Labs - Career Town
    "We highly recommend QStart Labs!"

    Orville C. Lynch, Jr., Founder / Managing Partner

    QStart Labs - ECDI
    "They definitely are professionals and experts in their field."

    Amy Szabo, Director of Development

    QStart Labs - Greif
    "Great Job QStart Labs team!"

    David Fischer, President

    QStart Labs - Azoti
    "QStart Labs main focus is creating an application that's "revenue ready" from Day One. "

    David Ranallo, Founder

    QStart Labs - Angel Capital Association
    "Unique focus on helping investors and their portfolio companies succeed."

    Marianne Hudson, Executive Director

    QStart Labs - Expression Mobile
    "I am confident I make the right choice "

    Jennifer Boese, Founder

    QStart Labs Case Study - NCT Ventures
    "QStart Labs is the first technology company that actually aligns their interest to us as investors."

    Rich Langdale, Managing Partner

    QStart Labs - Rev1 Ventures
    "Kevin, Kipp and Jeff's expertise helped create a clear vision..."

    Wayne Henry, Director of Marketing

    QStart Labs - College Ease
    "They *%$#@ ROCK!"

    Demetrius Curry, Founder

    QStart Labs - Plug Smart
    "I feel I am in very good hands for our future projects!"

    BJ Yurkovich, CTO

    "The partnership with QStart was like no other!"

    Michael Butler, President

    QStart Labs - Seamless Logistics
    "Exceptional to work with!"

    Jack Tucker, Owner

    "QStart put us on the path for growth."

    Steve Hartono, VP Operations

    QStart Labs - Mediplay
    "QStart has proven time and time again that we made the right decision."

    Jon Barnes, COO

    "A Great Partner!"

    Nick Braun, Founder

    " Great Team! I would highly recommend."

    Tony Somers, COO

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Even Aliens Love QStart Labs

Meet Our Team

If aliens land tomorrow, they'll want to chat with our team first. We're a savvy bunch with heaps of experience and a treasure trove of patents, awards, and epic stories. We've been in the digital game since day one, and while we're not into bragging, a little online sleuthing goes a long way. Or better yet, let's meet in person—we're even more charming face-to-face!

Ben Wallace


Ben Wallace

Partner, Serial entrepreneur, Constructor. Seeker. Builder. Juggler. Rebuilder. Groove Master

Kevin Hiser


Kevin Hiser

Partner, Serial entrepreneur, Persuader. Planner. Connector. Mentor. Accelerator. Front Man

Jeff Lamb


Jeff Lamb

Partner, Serial entrepreneur, Nerd, Guru. Visionary. Leader. Geek. Doer. Thinker. Rockstar

Kipp Abbott

Creative Director / Project Management

Kipp Abbott

Creative Director, Leader. Forecaster. Facilitator. Explainer. Rainmaker. Organizer.

Paul Sabatino

Software Architect

Paul Sabatino

Solver. Decoder. Maker. Thinker. Cook. Resource.

Vicki Wettrich

Project Management

Vicki Wettrich

Communicator. Presenter. Expert. Contributor. Interface. Trainer.

Mike Purcell

Digital Marketing

Mike Purcell

Planner. Wizard. Converter. Optimizer. Strategizer.

Shelley McLain


Shelley McLain

Herder. Protector. Beancounter. Organizer. Traveler.

Bud Bedrejko

Systems Overlord

Bud Bedrejko

Genius. Quant. Cruncher. Dreamer. Solver. Crowdsurfer.

Lawrence Gould

Software Architect

Lawrence Gould

Geek. Thinker. Muscle. Strategist. Icon. Golf Ninja.

Ryan Powers

Software Architect

Ryan Powers

Generator. Coder. Builder. Illuminator. Modder.

James Fischer

AI Engineer

James Fischer

Artificial Intelligence Guru, Engineer, Builder, Developer

QStart Labs - The Expert Startup Team

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