QStart Labs Case Study - DOmedia



DOmedia’s mission is to simplify the process of finding, planning, buying and selling digital, alternative, and out-of-home media. Through their online marketplace, media providers create enhanced media profiles for their properties. In turn, advertisers and agencies can use their extensive database of media properties to find new ideas, plan, build, and even track the performance of the perfect out-of-home campaigns.

What They Needed To Solve


DOmedia had created an innovative business idea that would target a $400 billion market, but given industry fragmentation and complexities they were unable to bring this vision to reality due to failed attempts of developing the underlying technology platform.

Large capital requirement to build technology.
They had trouble with multiple reputable technology partners that were unable to provide the business and technical expertise required to solve their complex solution need.
None of their previous providers were able to understand the mindset of clients that DOmedia was targeting.
Connect buyers and sellers across diverse industry categories with an integrated approach that provided visibility and innovative evaluation.
A robust platform that would be scalable with business growth and evolve with industry trends.
A pragmatic partner that would guide them through tough decisions about capabilities, plan iterative enhancements to expand their capabilities and be aligned with their growth strategy.

What QStart Labs Provided


QStart Labs provided DOmedia with a team of entrepreneurs, nerds, a designer, and and HR/Finance professional that was able to help them take their idea to market.

Utilizing a proven approach to development that identified the business needs, helped prioritize the capabilities, created a roadmap for the future, and delivered each phase on-time and on-budget.
Providing and online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of digital, alternative, and traditional media.
Providing an “expert system” that matches media resources to the planners objectives, including geographical and demographic criteria to ensure successful campaign planning.
Reducing the capital required to build such a complex system through QStart Labs’ innovative “pay for performance” business model.
QStart Labs Case Study

The Results Are In

Results So Awesome You Need A Billboard To Tell Th

  • 10X

    Increase in user acquisition first year of working with QStart Labs

  • 600%

    Revenue increase from 2014 to 2015 (and just keeps growing)

  • $6 Billion+

    Transactable inventory in DO’s database for use in campaign planning. (as of 2015)

  • What DOmedia Has To Say About Our Partnership

    "QStart Labs enabled DOmedia to quickly asses market opportunities, build customer-centric technology, and adjust to market demands within the first year of commercialization. QStart continues to be a valued, strategic partner in helping DOmedia build its suite of products for the out-of-home media marketplace."

    - Andrew P. Mansinne, CEO, DOmedia

    Domedia Team 2015